Introduction Deffect

Decentralized financial effects

Deffect a series of index concepts effects of non-custodial decentralized money market protocol.

Deffectnomics introduces a formalized path to decentralization and autonomy in trading and generating rewarding rewards in decentralized sharing economy platform transactions.

Deffect is Inspired by the growing recognition and spread of Defi’s value, and the growing capitalization shift from traditional markets to decentralized technology finance is driving up more and more capitalization. growth, We firmly believe that, with a butterfly effect mindset in the butterfly effect, with a butterfly flap In Brazil, it is possible to create a tornado in Africa. The new concept is born. The “Decentralized Effect” or Deffect best describes how decentralized platforms are dominating the current market. For a traditional technology platform to develop, it takes a lot of time to gain the trust of society and users. Relying on platforms that are available on the main net of trusted developers, we quickly create effects and develop applications in the fastest and most powerful way.

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