Core concepts

Industrial Revolution 4.0, the explosive growth of the Internet is changing the world rapidly and will bring about economic and social changes. The introduction of Blockchain technology and Smart Contract and cryptocurrency are applied to make fundamental changes in economic models and social relations towards transparency, fairness and mutual development. sparking a wave of defi, the basic principle to promote blockchain platform development with the desire that all social platforms change according to peer-to-peer protocol. Defi becomes a trend that transforms and replaces traditional technology quickly. It has effects, increases capitalization and moves capital from markets faster than any other market up to now.

Deffect is an automated market maker with several key characteristics that makes it work as a value process for ecosystem platforms and aged portfolios and have an effect on the history of economic and financial markets worldwide.

Deffect creates a series of concepts of indicator effects: While legacy applications charge users, you get a share of the fees from traders and any transaction. We call it the Deffect Sharing Benefit (DSB) Platform. Based on spreads, fixed identifiers are defaulted on TRON's algorithmic platform that allows you to permanently receive the value of the asset incremental profit-sharing platform. By means of a self-generated effect on transactions, we become fair and replace some of the bugs that old defi currently has is the amount of tokens that are already pre-made, which makes some places price manipulative, market manipulation and potentially will lead to the end of defi soon.

The traditional financial systems or existing blockchain or decentralized trading platforms, and other types of portfolios all charge investors to manage and hold their money.

Deffcect is also a non-custodial decentralized money market protocol where users can participate as depositors (Deffect dep) or borrower (deffect loan). Depositors provide liquidity to the market for passive income, while borrowers can borrow on a decentralized (permanent) or semi-decentralized (single-block liquidity) fashion.

Deffect nomics introduces a formalized pathway for decentralization and autonomy in trading and generating rewarding rewards in financialized transactions. Based on the decentralized platform, we aim to create a new effect in the defi market that challenges every aspect of the market development.

A new business model (called Deffect Ternary model) will be applied for the first time on the Deffect core system, whereby the benefits will be distributed back to the Investor and the development community maintaining the network. Core structure grid on main net, members contribute to the quantity & quality of financial transactions as members spend time operating on the platform. This model motivates all participants to join the Deffect system, stimulating competition between front end and back end participants, between active builders and non-contributors, between contributors. More active time and less active people, and it is all programmed and automated through the distributed ledger system on the core structure on the main net and smart contracts associated with tokens.

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