User Deffect swap

Those who buy or sell valuable assets on the Dex or Cex already have value.

People who buy or sell valuable assets on Dex or Cex already have value

Those who buy or sell valuable assets on the Dex or Cex already have value.

There are three main categories:

1 “Retail” traders are looking to exchange tokens with low slippage at favorable rates.

2 Traders who specialize in finding profits through the inefficiency of markets between DEXs or CEXs.

3 Smart contracts on Tron platform seek liquidity for a variety of reasons, such as liquidation of positions on other protocols, transactions on behalf of users, etc.

The foundation of Deffect swap's exchange functions is a surface defined by binding an X-value function.

A function of deffect pool's weight and balance - into a constant we create a transaction pricing formula right at the moment so that no matter what financial system is implemented, the proportion of each token in the pool remains the same.


Anyone can be a liquidity provider.


· Portfolio managers but don't want to create complex applications, with a Deffect liquidity pool you can control different asset value portfolio exposures on Tron net without No need to spend too much money and reduce the cumbersome transaction.

· Users who have def tokens or tokens built on Tron's trading platform and want to earn extra income from participating in Deffect liquidity pool. This will be swap development in phase two when we have the orientation to build our own exchange for the global community.

· Traders can choose from a range of different pools, each presenting a unique set of investment opportunities and challenges through its specific token configuration, weights, and fees. The interplay between these settings, general volume, and external prices create a market force that incentivizes traders to maintain a stable token ratio, thus preserving asset value for investors. liquidity provider.

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