Deffect revolutionizes revenue and profit sharing in the sharing economy through smart contract platform,

Deffect revolutionizes revenue and profit sharing in the sharing economy through smart contract platform, creating breakthroughs in the construction and operation of new, designed and Operated and shared values by community Deffect economic sharing benfit (DSE's).

Nature of Deffect:

Five main natures of value:

· Deffect Humanities: (The humanity effect on a decentralized platform): Based on voting and snapshot mechanism on smart contract that allows users to be autonomous and transparent in investment or charity cases.

· Deffectflexible: (Flexible effect in decentralized platform): Revenue Smart Contract protocols on Blockchain platforms allows customization and flexibility in applying to different revenue and profit sharing models.

· Deffectsecured (Decentralized platform Security): The deffectsecured protocol on the main net platform allows for enhanced security in every transaction, exchange, investment, withdrawal, digitalization of assets, information storage, identity protection is taking place on the basis of Deffect core system (DCS).

· Deffect performance: Deffect core system (DCS) ensures high transaction speed and performance, ensures continuity and performance of many business operations, and millions of financial transactions at the same time.

· Deffective (Decentralized Effectiveness): The implementation of Deffect must be truly efficient in terms of investment and operation for business applications, by cutting off infrastructure investment and transaction fees, minimizing investment costs and optimizing transaction profits.

Core values:

Deffect always ensure 5 core values, which are:

· Deffect community: Deffect core system (DCS) is the foundation of the community and managed, developed, benefited and valued by the community.

· Self development: Deffect core system (DCS) provides the infrastructure and principles for development, the development will be done entirely by the members through content contribution and similar activities in the system.

· Sustainable: The Deffect core system (DCS) must ensure sustainable development through a Decentralized Proof of Stake effect (DPOS) consensus mechanism and self-revenue generation to maintain and develop the ecosystem.

· Sharing economic: Decentralized sharing economic effects (DSE's): with the desire to create a series of concepts of index effects, the non-store decentralized currency market protocol, Deffectnomics introduces a formalized pathway for decentralization and autonomy in transactions and generating rewarding rewards in decentralized sharing economy transactions.

· Dedication: Deffectfunding is the first charitable and decentralized startup capital sharing platform built on a decentralized and transparent mechanism.

Core values

Deffect has four core principles, which are: 5 core values and now 4 core values? Or do you have 9? A bit confusing!

· Trust: Deffect core system (DCS) always aims to create the highest level of trust for all participating members, through the application of Blockchain technology in managing identity authentication information, authenticate transactions & avoid fraud and cyber attacks.

· Deffect democracy: Deffect core system (DCS) members will be the ones to decide on issues that may affect the community and the development of Deffect core system (DCS).

· Deffecttransparency (Decentralized transparency effect): Deffect core system (DCS) will use a system of many distributed ledgers built on the principle of Deffect core smartcontract module (DCSM) to record complete transactions on the system and stored on Blockchain, ensuring transparency and data integrity.

· Deffect fairly (The effect of fairness on decentralization): Deffector will offer a fair profit based on participating in the development of the network of financial transactions, investment, trading, exchange, asset digitalization, construction build projects & other activities on the platform. That is the basis for maintaining and developing the community for a long time.

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