Deffect meaning

Branding meaning

Amidst a new market, the development of decentralized financial platforms is faster and fairer than traditional financial platforms. It quickly became an effect. We create a foundation of fundamental value: Decentralized technology assets based on a new concept. The concept of sharing transaction fees and balance of returns in the term Deffect Born is based on spreads, fixed identifiers are defaulted on Tron's algorithmic platform, with low transaction fees. You permanently receive the value of the increased asset profit sharing platform. By means of the Born effect method, tokens are only generated when there is a user's transaction.

Deffect is inspired by the growing recognition and spread of Defi's value, the growing capitalization shift from traditional markets to decentralized technology finance is driving up more and more capitalization. We firmly believe that, with a mindset based on the ”Butterfly effect”; with a butterfly flap In Brazil, it is possible to create a tornado in Africa, meaning a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. A new concept is born “The Decentralized Effect” The perfect connection of the word decentralized and the Deffect effect best describes how decentralized platforms are dominating the financial market right now. For a traditional technology platform to develop, it takes a lot of time to gain the trust of society and users. Based on the platforms available on the Tron mainet owned by trusted developers, we can quickly create and develop applications in the fastest and most powerful way. We definiton the term Decentralized funding effects as Deffect. Or the perfect connection between Defi and effect. (D-effect) ưith the desire to create a new reproduction effect to increase transparency and fairness.

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