Turnover structure

Turnover structure and profit generation rules

Turnover structure and profit generation rules

Turnover structure

Legal and advisory (5%):

Expenses to pay for all kinds of costs related to legal and administrative implementation Construction project and project after seed sale sale

Marketing (15%):

Expenses for implementing marketing activities and community development.

Platform operation (10%):

The cost of organizing the operation and implementation of the Deffectsystem platform

Human resources and product development (40%):

Expenses for organizing human resources and implementing product development.

Market development (10%):

Is the cost paid to the project team, including the team founders and the project implementation team and partners directly supporting the implementation of the project.

Partner (5%):

Is the cost paid to the team of project consultants and consultants in the process of implementing Sales and implementing projects?

Price stabilization & Financial Optimization Fund (15%):

This fund will not be used short-term as Def's price immediately after raising capital through the global DPOS but will be used spread out over the next 2 years to trade Deftoken with other cryptocurrencies, ensuring that stability & steady price growth according to Deftoken's roadmap on international financial systems. In addition, the price stabilization fund is also used to buy back Deftoken in case the market transaction value falls. The redemption will be announced 30 days before the time of redemption.

Profit generation rules

Joining sharing groups and traders to make a profit

Deffect participates in liquidity provider values

1 We manage our portfolios but don't want to create complex applications. For reputable liquidity pools, we can control different levels of asset portfolio exposure on our network on the net without spending too much money and minimizing the cumbersome transactions.

2 Trading tokens built on the Tron trading platform and increasing the profit from the community.

You can benefit from the Deffect liquidity protocol, including:

Becoming a liquidity supply partner to all parties.

· Join groups of sharing and home fomo deals.

· Providing portfolios, controlling exposure to different assets without complicated and costly rebalancing.

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