The Deffect platform will focus on 4 core community operations including: Deffector (Community that owns DEF token value), trading, Transfer, saved, play, Deposit and borrow.

User Activities that help the platform survive and thrive are both recognized and rewarded through Deftoken based on interaction assessments and control mechanisms by Deffect Revenue Smart Contracts on Tron Main net.

The Deffect platform is not aiming to replace the current financial trading platforms (Forex, Securities, Derivatives, Cryptocurrencies ...) ..., but aims to build a platform that creates delivery standards. A new way to promote other financial trading platforms to upgrade & improve themselves, creating a fairer, more transparent & secure decentralized financial transaction network.

Decentralized sharing economic effects (DSE's) with the desire to create a series of concepts of index effects, the non-custodial decentralized money market protocol, Deffectnomics introduces a formalized path to decentralization and self mastery in transactions and create worthy rewards in the decentralized sharing economy platform transactions.

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