How to sign in with Deffect uses all wallets that have the main net to license its users. You can create your own wallet and recharge to play games on defect.a. After connecting your wallet to the dapp app and adding money to your account, you can log into your account using browsers on any of the available wallets. Once logged in you will be redirected to with your live def balance shown. Add Def token Tron Wallet Network - are unmanaged electronic wallet systems for individuals. The tron ​​Wallet network provides cryptocurrency storage and transfer services, private key management, cryptocurrency auditing, and cryptocurrency exchange services.You just need to search for deffect or paste it in the local search. deffect's smart contract only

Log into defect When you sign in to your Wallet account using the link from, you authorize to be signed in the multisig agreement to sign your gaming transactions for you. This helps you enjoy your games without having to constantly sign on every transaction. This mechanism is also very beneficial for because many casinos (even fake "blockchain" casinos that allow sending electronic money) are major targets for hackers and fraudsters. In the case of, the casino did not possess a private user key at any given time, and even under attack it was unable to send user files to hackers. We only get a partial key and can only use it for co-signing in the games listed on

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