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Deffect Staking Platform - a platform that allows users to participate in DEF Token mining through the Proof of Staking (PoS) consensus mechanism algorithm.

The process takes place entirely automatically by smart contracts (smart contracts), ensuring transparency and decentralization, without any changes, impacts, or adjustments from the outside.

However, to ensure the token distribution in the community and increase the benefits for investors participating in the DEF token mining process in the early stages, get the highest profit. Deffect has updated staking policies with profit levels suitable for each type of profit. By this policy, the maximum profit of staking packages will decrease from 10% to 3% when the number of DEF tokens supply reaches a certain level. The profit of staking packages will be adjusted down accordingly to the maximum staking package.

Profits for market developers include:

Profit from binary will decrease from 14% down to 3% when DEF's total supply is reached at certain milestones.

The direct referral bonus from the introduction of new staking packages will start to decrease from 10% to 2% when the amount of DEF total supply is reached at certain milestones.

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