User Deffect farming

You can benefit from the Deffectliquidity protocol including:

Become a liquidity provider

People who have Deffectliquidity pools or participate in trading and sharing groups.

Anyone with two or more tokens on the Tron network can be a liquidity provider.


· Portfolio managers who want to control exposure to different assets without complicated and expensive rebalancing

· Investors with tokens belonging to Tron's network want to earn passive income from holding tokens in their accounts.

People who buy or sell the team's various token assets on the open market.

Traders can choose from a range of different pools, each with a different approach and variable fees, different Value Margins, through each token's individual configuration. incentivize traders to maintain a stable token ratio, thereby ensuring asset value for liquidity providers.


You can deposit your assets to increase profit and get profit and transaction fee on Defee sharing pool is divided according to default formula rate on smartcontract, Variable fee is customizable but not editable share percentage.

Community developer

Deffector: You can get bonuses in developing the Deffecter community. For the increase of POSL accounts.

Staking: Looking for investment opportunities to increase digital assets based on equitization platform.

Deffect referral: Participate in referral activity to gain reward value in trading fees

Liquidation Bonus

Bonus at the asset price of the collateral when the liquidator purchases it as part of the liquidation of a loan that has passed the liquidation threshold.

Trading fee profit

Any deffector is entitled to all available prorated fees based on the number of tokens held.

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