Decentralized multiple effect main net overview


Transaction or creation fee

There is a placeholder for an EXIT_FEE in the code, Base on the defburn rule we set custom fee values based on the market the effect the increase in transactions and grow the community.

1Tokens for Administrators

Def, can be used to incentivize traders, We do not sell it in the initial stage, it is distributed by the market traders themselves and it will be distributed in the staking and referral stage.

DEF is also a proof of stake token in the transaction

DEF is also a reward for the prize value and rewards for the Deffector community developer.

Def works on the growth of the community and is the mediator for all transactions,

Admin Token DEF

Since our inception, our goal at Deffect has been to decentralize and diversify the management of the Deffect Protocol. We looked at several approaches and designs, and came up with one that we're proud to share: Effect Protocol Governance Token (DEF).

For successful decentralized governance., we create the DEF token as a means of promoting alignment and participation in effect protocols. The DEF token can be viewed as an investment value; DEF token holders may or may not be those who interact with ecosystems that still generate profitable value.

The Deffect protocol allows any TRON Main Net account to add liquidity as tokens to existing Deffect pools or even create their own.

Liquidity and zero-token distribution effect from project owners attracts traders, trading generates fees and finally gross profit based on shared platform attracts more liquidity. This is the Deffect penefit effect that we are starting to see happening in the Deffect protocol.

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