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There are four main types:

1 Deposit: Traders are looking to increase profits by depositing tokens at the expected return rate.

2 Borrowner: Traders who wish to keep an asset waiting for a price increase instead of selling it off at a slippage due to market volatility, in order to retain the asset to wait for market stabilization but still it is possible to secure funds for the opportunity to participate in a new growth from other tokens that are experiencing higher growth.

3 Staking: Allows users to increase profits in sending DEF tokens for the purpose of serving value trust in equitization (POS).

4 POSL: A function of the weight and balance of the Credit. Allows you to change your mind by receiving cash or tokens in case of concerns about Deffect's development platform. We create the term Proof of stake or Lending. Based on the first smart contract platform to diversify options and increase safety, you have the right to re-choose the liquidity to participate in equitization by receiving back the original value (lending) or real value based on the price of Deftoken (Staking).

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