· Core group: A contract object Deffect Pool- this is the "base" pool that actually holds the tokens
· Surplus: The total token balance of a pool. No mention of any user balance
· Denorm: Abnormal weight. Weights on DPool, although usually displayed as a percentage, are configured and stored in their denormalized form. Eg: in a group of two tokens with denormalized weights of A=38 and B=2, the percentage of token A would be 38/ (38+2) or 95%. On the contrary, the ratio of token B will be 2 / (38 + 2) or 5%. This will be carried out and implemented in the fair stage and smart contract generation, in the farming development phase, we apply this method to liquidity to balance the market.
· During the development phase, the Controller: "Owner" of the pool; an address can call the CONTROL capabilities.
· Factory: Official DefPool factory. Pools deployed from this factory appear on Deffect's UI (e.g.: Deffectswapp and DeffectPool Manager).