New technology development

New technology development trend:

Blockchain technology (Blockchain) has helped create more financial transaction networks around the world to operate in a more transparent, more secure and less controlled and dominated by traditional financial systems.

Global finance trading trend:

Fintech was born and developed over the past 20 years, creating platforms on the Internet that completely replace the obsolete traditional platforms. Billions of financial transactions every day around the globe are conducted through the Internet & Fintech platforms.

New financial investment and trading platforms need a new generation of secure algorithms, new generation financial systems, as well as fairer and more transparent benefit sharing mechanisms.

Community investment trend:

In the wave of revolution 4.0 and financial investment, ideas creating breakthroughs and changes will be supported openly by the community, the investment mechanism according to the majority effect (Deffect Investment) minimizes risk for an individual but generates synergy from a large number of investors participating.

Cryptocurrency investment trend:

The trend of investing in Cryptocurrencies and the freedom of electronic financial systems (Defi) helps technology projects to participate in a token issuance to enter a market with large capital investment and is expanding at an unprecedented rate.

Cryptocurrency helps create completely new financial mobilization models (ICO, IEO, IPO, STO ...), operate business, develop a completely new ecosystem based on global contributions and includes investors and user communities.

Decentralized trend

Decentralization is the process in which the activities of an organization, especially those related to planning and decision-making, are distributed or delegated instead of being concentrated in one location or one central pool is in power. The decentralization concepts have been applied to team dynamics and management science in private enterprises and organizations.

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