Decentralization Effects

Deffect, creating basic and simple values but yet suitable for the majority of traders, with the concept of the decentralized effect becoming a major effect on the first decentralized platform, with a desire to share economics from DEF tokens on the Tron Main net platform worldwide.

Economically: the major banks & financial institutions currently owns the largest financial transaction networks in the world. However, billions of users in the network do not enjoy the economic benefits obtained by the networks, only the owners benefits of the value of these financially traded networks. A decentralized ownership mechanism (Decentralized) and directly distributing benefits to the community on a global scale was completely impossible before when the technologies and applications of Blockchain were not born. Thanks to the superiority of Smart Contract and Cryptocurrency on Blockchain platforms, it allows financial transparency and automates the distribution of benefits by specifying principles and ratios through the design from the beginning. And clearly, people have a desire to move towards an economy with a fairer distribution of interests to the participants, creating value for that business, especially in Deffect with the Kinh effect. Deffect sharing economy (DSE). That is the reason why it is necessary to have a revenue, profit, and fully automatic (Revenue Smart Contract) sharing system on the Deffect core system platform.

Socially, people are increasingly dependent on the internet. This means there is a risk of personal or finacial information being stolen on financial trading platforms used for another purpose. Furthermore, the greatest value of any platform is typically its users, but currently users do not have the right to express opinions or change platform developer decisions that could influence the community and have no right to protect the values ​​that the user community has created. Therefore, a new organizational model and a new mechanism is needed to empower decision-making on the part of users and the community. To do so, the system must be open source so that the community can monitor and control policy compliance, independent and accurate Deffect voting, allowing the participating actors to decide on important issues of the community.

From an investor perspective, the centralized model requires a large initial investment and a long time to develop users and communities. This is a big risk for investors in the traditional way. Smart-contact and Cryptocurrency applications allow global crowdfunding but ensures commitments to token holders by smart contracts, which breaks down investors' risk. Cryptocurrency's deffect reward mechanism allows users to easily receive rewards regardless of geograpich, time and local limitations. So, instead of being rewarded with real cash, users can be rewarded with tokens, and then re-offered tokens on the free market or converted values ​​from the development of the ecosystem.

In terms of market opportunities, investment & financial trading platforms is still where people buy and sell, exchange assets, invest & get profit, seek income & other value added. However, people are more likely to join platforms that are superior, more secure, and have a clear benefit-sharing mechanism, which is an opportunity for Deffect. We do not depenalty This word has no meaning. What is the intend of this word? Deffect with a single word, but rather be a platform that connects and offers hundreds of products, financial trading services and revenue & profit sharing to hundreds of millions of users

● If you still do not have income, Deffect can help you get active & passive income from products & services (Deffect income).

● If you have a spare money, you can invest on the Deffect platform and make a return on your investment (Deffect Profit).

● If you want to enjoy the convenience of outstanding transparent, secure and superior financial transaction services & products, Deffect has a wide range of products & services to choose from (Deffect Convenient).

● If you have ideas & want to build a project, applying technology finance on Deffect platform, you can become a developer to expand Defferct ecosystem on a global scale. (Deffect Dev).

With such an orientation, Deffect will always be the destination of anyone wishing to lead a transparent, fair & convenient financial trading community.

There are no doubt many questions investors and the community ask Deffect, and the following document can help clarify the challenges Deffect is addressing:

Can you make money from Deffect?

This is entirely possible and this is also the biggest goal that Deffect have. All members activities on Deffect from participating in deposit-withdrawing, trading, exchanging, buying and selling, investing, digitizing assets, developing Affiliate network to building projects will be computed and rewarded with Def token. Deffect will build a DPoS algorithm “Decentralized Proof of Stake effect” or a new concept (Deffect POS), the “Proof of Equitization Decentralization Effect” to compute and provide a mechanism to appropriately reward user contributions and motivate people to participate in the development of the community. All protocols will be calculated and programmed on smart contracts.

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